Aged Black

This best selling 12” Hanging Basket comes with a strong 3 way hanger which is colour matched.

The fluted design available Black with Gold and stylish Aged Black, creates a striking colour effect.


One size and 3 contrasting colours

Terracotta with White Wash

The 10.5" Bell Quilt Trough.

The Floral Fluted Trough in Silver

A good solid trough available in hand painted Gold or Silver.  The trough has a fluted pattern on the sides and an embossed floral pattern along the top rim.



The 40 cm and 51 cm Garland Window Boxes are hand painted and both have exteriors that feature an ornate floral swag pattern which enhances their overall appeal.


Featuring a distinctive fern pattern.  Our 11" Fern Basket has a distinctive fern pattern on the sides which is highlighted by the two colour washes available


New for this season a range of modern, bright and breezy planters and window boxes/troughs. Five vibrant pastel shades with a white wash design to choose from. Blue with white, Red with white, Light...


Impressive and Stunning. Two sizes of generous proportioned Deep Tapered Troughs in three contrasting colours - Royal Blue, Imperial Red and Midnight Black. These troughs provide an impressive back drop...