1. 1. Structure, business and supply chain

Anglo Eastern Trading Co. Ltd (Anglo Eastern Trading) is a small wholesale company trading in garden planters, troughs, hanging baskets and accessories, incorporating the Anglo Eastern Trading and Distinctive Planters brands.

We are serious about our brand because it’s part of our identity and so is our commitment to corporate social responsibility.  We believe transparency is the best way we can ensure the public that we are doing our best as an ethical corporate citizen.  In that spirit, we have published our annual statement for slavery and human trafficking, made in compliance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  This statement is intended to fulfil the legal requirement for a slavery and human trafficking statement as relevant.

Anglo Eastern Trading is headquartered in Preston, UK and sells its products throughout the UK and some other parts of Europe.  Our product range makes use of the highest quality polypropylene, fiberglass and composite materials, all of which is sourced from China.  We have less than 10 employees within our organization, in addition to other workers who are engaged through our supply chain.  Where possible, we engage suppliers who have relationships with existing suppliers so that we can contain our supplier network and improve consistency in ethical practices throughout the supply chain.  

  1. 2. Due Diligence Procedures

We understand that our biggest exposure to Modern Slavery is in our product supply chains, where activity has been undertaken to minimise the risk of Modern Slavery.  Within these areas, new suppliers and factories/sites are subject to due diligence checks in the form of ethical/compliance audits. Such audits are also regularly conducted for existing suppliers and factories/sites.  If issues are identified, appropriate investigative and remedial actions will be taken.

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