We promote sustainability by utilising new production methods and innovative recycling techniques.

We care about your plants and the planet we live on. We choose to use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes to produce our growing range of eco friendly pots.

We use recovered post consumer plastics where ever possible in the manufacture of our products. Horticulture benefits from a healthy environment. We share the responsibility to make tomorrows environment better and cleaner than todays. The process of recycling helps and this is done by:

  • Separating spent plastics into suitable categories.
  • These are then put through washing and drying processes.
  • The material is then reduced by shredding and grinding to produce granulated pellets.
  • The pellets are then reprocessed and any foil extrusion applied to purify the material.
  • The process of forming new products is undertaken.

At Anglo Eastern Trading we do, where ever possible use recycled plastics to make our planters and containers. When these do eventually come to the end of their functional life, these products, in turn can be recycled at a suitable recycling facility …which, can again be re-used to produce new recycled planters and so the story goes on …and potentially on …and on!