Four Oaks Trade Show 3rd and 4th September 2024

Four Oaks Trade Show stands as the pinnacle of the United Kingdom’s commercial horticulture sector, drawing global attention with its expansive exhibition. Spanning across a 23-acre nursery site nestled in the scenic landscape of Cheshire, UK, and neighboring the renowned Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope, this event boasts a vast display area of 13,000m² under glass, complemented by additional outdoor spaces.

At the core of the show lies an impressive showcase of plant diversity, where young plant producers unveil forthcoming seasonal lines while exhibitors from across Europe present mature stock and specimen plants, forming breathtaking displays. Beyond flora, the exhibition encompasses a comprehensive array of offerings ranging from machinery, growing media, and sundries to retail products, Christmas trees, and merchandise, catering to every facet of the industry’s needs.

With over 35% of participating entities hailing from international shores, Four Oaks Trade Show fosters a richly diverse environment for networking and business opportunities. Its visitor base is equally varied, encompassing buyers from grower retailers, independent garden centres, garden centre chains, commercial growers, multiple retailers, wholesalers, mail order, online retailers, landscapers, landscape architects, garden designers, professional gardeners, groundsmen, farm shops, local authorities, and florists.

In essence, Four Oaks Trade Show serves as an indispensable platform for industry stakeholders to explore the latest innovations, forge partnerships, and delve into the ever-evolving landscape of commercial horticulture.